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It's lab grade chemical resistant laminate ,mainly used for lab furniture .

The formal chemical resistant laminate is also called the chemical resistant laminate, which can be used as the chemical resistant laminate countertops.

Yaming Wood Industry is a compact laminate board supplier. It is a company with limited liability, integrating production, processing, and sales, specializing in producing formica chemical resistant laminate, chemical resistant laminate, chemical resistant laminate countertops, and so on. 

If you have any demand for formica chemical resistant laminate,chemical resistant laminate,chemical resistant laminate countertops, please contact us.

Chemical resistant laminate


Available sizes:




Available thickness:


Available colors:

white ,light grey ,dark green ,black color etc.


* Strong resistance to impact

* Self supporting & Long term stability

* No toxic & totally hygienic

* Resistant to moisture & steam

* Resistant to chemical(chemical resistant compact )

* Resistant to heat & cigarette burns

* Extremely durable.