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What are the characteristics of aluminium laminate panels?
 Dec 14, 2022|View:1474

Aluminum laminate panels are a lightweight decorative material. Aluminum laminate panels consist of high-purity Aluminum panels at the top and bottom, Low-density polyethylene core panels, and an adhesive in the middle. Aluminum laminate panels have the following features.

aluminum laminate panels

1. Super peel aluminum laminate panels are made with a new process that has increased the peel strength of aluminum laminate panels, the most critical technical indicator, to a high-quality state, resulting in a corresponding increase in the flatness and weather resistance of aluminum laminate panels.


2. The material is easy to work with aluminum laminate panels have a mass of only 3.5 to 5.5 kg per square meter and is easy to handle. It can be matched with designers to make various variations, easy and quick to install, reducing the application of the ball.


3. Advanced fire-performance aluminum laminate panels have a flame-retardant substance PE plastic core in the middle and an extremely difficult-to-burn aluminum layer on both sides, so it is a safe fire-resistant material that meets the fire resistance needs of building regulations.


4. Impact resistance High impact resistance, high toughness, bending without damage to the finish, high impact resistance, high safety factor in home decoration, especially suitable for families with children at home.


5. Super weather resistance aluminum laminate panels have unique advantages in terms of weather resistance and can maintain a beautiful appearance without fading under the hot sunlight.


6. Uniformity of coating and variety of colors Through the chemical treatment and Henkel skin technology, the adhesion between paint and aluminum laminate panels is uniform and the variety of colors allows for a greater choice of colors, making the home as individual as possible.


There is a wide range of aluminum laminate panels on the market today, with a wide variety of colors and fashions for indoor and outdoor use. As a very common decorative material, it is widely used in interior decoration, such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.